Another Liebster Award

Thank you thejetsetgocouple for nominating me with the award… as usual I won’t be following the rules but I would definetly love to say some things about your blog which I just went through it and how amazing your writings are… practical posts and stuffs, I happened to have my thoughts clicking with your perspectives of life, the way you two have come up with the ideas to inspire the people in your lives, and people around the world. Each post speaks the truth to good living. The small things that matters in everyday growth, you two seemed to be living the perfect match of happy living. I enjoyed your pages and I hope to read more of your motivational speeches and lessons. Thank you again for remembering me with this beautiful award!

A hole in a smiling cup

Be that kind of person who knows when not to smile. Be sure to be that person who has learned the value of smiling. Don’t just smile in acceptance because they said so or because you want to show it to the world. Live through it, bear it all and fill your life with some yearnings to smile, surely there will come a day for you to attained to an ever lasting smiles. Don’t wear empty smiles to make others think that you’re okay, it doesn’t lasts… and you never have to pretend. There are thousands of eyes that can’t be deceived by masking. The world is in thirst for smiles. A genuine and fruitful smiles, one that shines and reflects permanently. A smile that stirs from the heart, and glows only when it is rightly fed and put. Embrace the storm and let it flow.

The above verse’s inspiration is drawn from the faces of broken men.

Liavi ๐Ÿ’•

The dreaming mermaid and the jet

It was not a dream

When the storm flushed her to a shore,

She took the chance to make a walk on land

Whilst so

A soul appeared from the sky

Offering her a dream

“Fly with me”

Of soul’s worn yet very compassionate

Of eyes that sparks in grins

Of voice in tune with charm

Of mind a secret that only love could read

Of heart wall up high to store deep

To touch the sun, to hide and seek on clouds

She held the jet for once and for all

As they soar beyond the eagle’s might

He made her dreams come true

Now being the nature of sea

To survive she must return to depth of an ocean

Knowing he belong to the sky

She cried pearls

Because he became her dream.

Liavi ๐Ÿ’˜