Village Cinderella 

Blended in light and darkness, my walls of hope dammed up. Weakened by the strength of weakness Of cold silence and despised heart, I solemnly devote to benevolent mask Only to be thrilled by the shadows of the dark, Finite minds, None empowered! Advertisements

Beloved one

Happy and comforted you I noticed a smile on that face Truly by heart it must be Life is actual there. Lustre eyes of yours, Reflecting highly blessed dreams Take pride in virtues acquired Life is full of promises! At low, know your creator Omit anger and hold tight tongue For endurance makes faith Let […]


Like a wanderer who walks in romance. . Life ticks on upholding my direction, I’ve embarked upon the days with clearance; Virtually a heart worth to perfection. Experiencing life at ease, pleasures flows Within my rising thrill, I sprung to stream And vanity perish to wind that blows. Sensing virtue, I reckon’d to fairish dream […]