The authenticity of youthfulness

Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and a supple knees; it is the matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigour of emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. ~Samuel Ullman

(Respectfully quoted from the poem ‘Youth’)

When I was told to write on something about Youth, it took me a week days time to get even started! Honestly, I never tried expanding my thinking in this subject and having drifted away from the activities of youth for some time made me feel like a shallow person with nothing much to say. Then as I ponder on I see that we need not participate actively in order to be considered “youthful” though this does not mean we should not involved at all. Basically, Youthfulness have more to do with one’s character. Having said this I realised that the sparks of youth is slightly missing in me although I’m considered a youth in the communities, a youth member in churches, and a youth daughter in the family.

There is so much to say in youth. The best time was yesterday, and the best of the best time for us is today because we are celebrating the silver fruits of productive youth. I’m also reminiscing about the huge efforts of our youthful people in manifesting the will of God for the extension of His holy kingdom and furthermore understanding that God intends for us to remain youthful.

Being an associate member of Zhavame Baptist church, my experience are few but profound and vibrant. they enriches my heart, keep me humble and increase my knowlegde and deepen my Faith as a believer. As a laymen, I’m no expert in digging out the in-depth knowledge from the Bible to speak of youth so I’d like to draw from the examples of my life as a youth.

Most of my teen and early adult Christmases and New years were spent in the village which allows me to know more about our people. It was in my junior year that I noticed this young man with the famous Jake Dawson hair. He come neat wearing his old jacket, his hands in the pockets, relatively quite but very active. Unlike others, he seemed to have nothing much to say than listened in the group with his eyes fixed and participated smilingly and laughing. He seemed like a good boy from a stabled family. It was only then when we were promoted to be in the youth after few years, that I came to know about his name but also that he was an orphan boy. It surprised me and my heart ache too. How could he be possibly so youthful?

I atleast thought he goes to school.. The stillness of his demeanour was admirable, not only from the observations outwardly but he also intrigued me from the inside during my one year stay in the village. For someone like him, growing up alone must have been hard but along the way, he must have learnt to deal with life’s misfortune graciously. He must have endure vigorously to what life offered to him. He must have had that enormous heart to believe in the good things of hard life because today he is that one youth who outshines the others when I think about youthfulness. Despite the lack of love, affection, support and guidance of a family and illiterate even to read the Bible, he seem to live an examplary life. No, he is not the only one living in such circumstances. All of us are living in the maze of life while in accordance but that is not the objective for us in anyway. What matters beyond that is how we manage in life.

Actions reveal all.

It is sad to see most of us staining our identity in Christ being a youth and how we’re failing to live purposefully as we tend to blame everyone and everything. I sometimes see myself standing there on top waving the flag of reasons and excuses exposing my mediocrity. Losing the spirit of youthfulness is dangerous. I find myself in perfect contrast with the examplary life spoken above. Looking deeper, I see that I have all that could have made me youthful and that life is beautiful all in all, without a tinge feeling desiring to go back and fixed it. In the sense, ten years ago I never ever imagined that I’d be biting my fingers, at this stage because of my ignorance, recklessness, impatience, stubbornness, pride, ego, laziness, foolishness, intolerance and many more! Only to end up fuelling doubts against my own faith which now consequent to stress and somehow lost in confusion? Like many, I too dreamt for a praise filled home, fantasized earning applause anywhere I go, and hoped to hear the voices of angels rejoicing… without being truly in tune!

Living in a pluralistic world, we are surrounded by all kinds of influences and if we are not in consistent with our faith, we are bounded to go astray. A friend of mine once said, ” the struggle to connect with God after I knowingly sin is much worse than the momentary pleasure I get in the sin”. Youthfulness puts pressure on us to do things we don’t really want to do in the first place. This means that we have to meditate deeper, have hearts to love unconditionally, . It demands us to change our habits and lifestyles in ways we may not want to give up or like it, it demands our patience and strength from the things that challenge us.

Realising the need to activate youthfulness is blessings in order. It is part of taking up the rightful responsibility to set minds free from the hustle and bustle of whatever situations or circumstances one faces and enable to living the good life. It must be the liveliest way to simply ignite another being, from the closest to the farthest because youthful people always makes one feel good.

Now, to have live this far is amazing to me regardless of many lazy wrong turns in life that allowed many ways with the possibility of going astray! Through God’s grace, I’m able to realised that the most important thing that I, as a youth should do is to generate youthfulness before its real late. Before I lose all the opportunities and blessings that the hidden talent of youthfulness can bring about! What about you?

I believe, the persuit to youthfulness enlightened one to live happy, build good and grow higher in a consecrated sanctuary while on Earth. To make a choice is a gift, to create beauty is talent, but to live it up is special aptitude.

Liavi Shupao #life #youth #liveyoung


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