One fine April day

For the world, the cold winter seemed to have gone by without much thought in a month or two for us who stays in a colder region. Now the petals that lay on earth carpeted to remind me that spring intend to fully attain it’s gloriousness across the valleys and the lowland mountains that sky line the horizon.

pc~ instagram (beautiful placess)

Every art called nature has breathe in delight to form it’s course of beauty in seconds – time just fly.

I sat there on my boat of comfort, gazing at the barks tweeting softly, some grown leaves barely hanged at the mercy of gentle breeze. Oh! Yesterday those branches were naked but they woke up voluminously with buds and blooms.

The thunder has signalled the end of thirst and the rain came as promised. The sight of birds sheltering there mesmerized my moments and I feel beautiful again.

Looks like one fine April someday, all the icy flakes on my dress that I am wearing for months while I recuperate for a better living, will glitter up and trigger the galaxies in the skies.

Inspiration drawn from Elsa.

Liavi Shupao #spring #hope


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