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It took me about a year to get back to blogging after signing in with the WordPress community. Some time ago, I felt the need to be in a place where I really should feel good just being myself when I have all the world’s time ticking slow in my hands while I recuperate from my leg injury. Beyond the idea of tagging myself with all the stories, jokes, facts, poems, and so much more of it, being in a part of the writers community is enchanting!

With so much work over the past year being a working teacher in need of rest and sleep, I stopped the re-collecting exercises and that’s how my mails and password also went down to sleep then but here I am feeling great to be in this community with my beloved account all at ease once again as I get back to my private holidays!

Lately, small small activities are going on in my stats and it feels great to know that I’m making my way out step by step. Dear bloggers, I highly appreciate your support and your kind visit here.

Each day, I am learning more about this community and the kindness of everyone is so warm and encouraging. As you go through my site, I hope to get feedbacks, constructions, and anything that will do good for my well writing. I am also not sure with my customizer but I hope it will improve slowly.

There is nothing specific about my site.The purpose is just for the pleasure of creative writing, share and feel good. Although my interest tilt more on life’s lesson, the joy of living, small packages, happiness, soulful matters based on experiences, I’m all up and flexed for anything that’s good.

With gratitude, Liavi Shupao.

All the way from Nagaland, India.


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