PC ~ Sivi Sakhrie
PC ~ Sivi Sakhrie

My sister’s Kitty was one of the most faithful companion that I know. She knows the time of her coming back from work. She learned not to follow her when my sist carry a bag. She’d be home right before sist arrive. She’d stay by her side when sist would wash up, she’d play by the flower when sist does gardening, she’d sit on sist’s lap when she stiches clothes. She’d get irritated when sist attend to another companion Mimicat. The first time she delivered her kittens, she wouldn’t go to her nest but meowed for sist and her bed. And she delivered like a human on sist’s thigh. Sadly, the kittens didn’t survived the cold winter.

Well tamed and a learned companion Kitty, unfortunately fell sick after delivering for the second time. We also brought in another kitten of a lost cat who took shelter at my other sist’s place but the mother cat fell sick too and could not look after the kitten so we let Kitty have four kitten. It was hard for Kitty but she lovingly attend to the lost kitten as her own.

Kitty with her kittens
Kitty with her kittens

Few days later, Kitty was then diagnosed with dehydration so Sist started feeding the kittens by herself staying up to late nights and tried to separate her from the kittens because Kitty’s health wasn’t improving. Sist did all that she could to help her silent struggle. But Kitty did not make it. She left yesterday morning on the way to a veterinary care.

It’s so heartbreaking for all of us losing Kitty who was just two years. I still feel like she’d come around by my side. The kittens are well taken care and they’ll hopefully grow up healthy. Mimi is very young but she has developed motherly instinct. She was too attached to Kitty as well so she’s now warming and cleaning the kittens in their own ways. Mimi even allow them to suckle her breasts just that she don’t produce milk but it’s one of the sweetest to know and understand that animals not only have compassion but they’re amazing being, if we let them.

Mimi with Kitty's kittens
Mimi with Kitty’s kittens

Beloved Kitty rest in peace.


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