To queens of july

Of beauty and brain…

Because she’s strong she’s not afraid to show her vulnerabilities. She wax and wan like the moon that enriches her soul. She is transparent but never predictable. She laughs with the world but she keep her inner self sacred. She struggle to the depth of pain silently but only to rise higher. She cries a lot but never show her precious tears. She choose kindness over aggression. She find joy in lifting others but she first love to nurture herself. Her emotions often try to over rule her but her intuition usually triumph. She could be slightly flirty but she is the most loyal and faithful person. She is sensitive but also consciously aware of all the good and bad things. She will hold things that matters to her with all her strength until she find the perfect reason to let go. She tend to dwell in the past stories but only to remind herself to be wise. And yes she live by love.

As I celebrate my birth month, I wanted to come up with a definition of july born women basing on astrological facts. It took me years to transcend the characteristics and manifest it in a most positive way that truly guided me to self~ actualize my energy with the universe. It may not be relevant to many.

Love Liavi 💞


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