A hole in a smiling cup

Be that kind of person who knows when not to smile. Be sure to be that person who has learned the value of smiling. Don’t just smile in acceptance because they said so or because you want to show it to the world. Live through it, bear it all and fill your life with some yearnings to smile, surely there will come a day for you to attained to an ever lasting smiles. Don’t wear empty smiles to make others think that you’re okay, it doesn’t lasts… and you never have to pretend. There are thousands of eyes that can’t be deceived by masking. The world is in thirst for smiles. A genuine and fruitful smiles, one that shines and reflects permanently. A smile that stirs from the heart, and glows only when it is rightly fed and put. Embrace the storm and let it flow.

The above verse’s inspiration is drawn from the faces of broken men.

Liavi 💕


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