Inner laughs

Love isn’t always about getting to spent the rest of the lives together. Sometimes it’s about losing it and not having to stand next to him. Also sometimes it’s about watching the bygone love boy heading up straight to a cliff with someone ready to make a stupid fall.

Another Liebster Award

Thank you thejetsetgocouple for nominating me with the award… as usual I won’t be following the rules but I would definetly love to say some things about your blog which I just went through it and how amazing your writings are… practical posts and stuffs, I happened to have my thoughts clicking with your perspectives […]

A hole in a smiling cup

Be that kind of person who knows when not to smile. Be sure to be that person who has learned the value of smiling. Don’t just smile in acceptance because they said so or because you want to show it to the world. Live through it, bear it all and fill your life with some […]